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A universal clutch cable kit with fittings suitable for older british bikes. 1.4 M (4 .5 ft) of lined outer cable in black with 8mm dia ferrule crimped 1 end. 1.6 M (5.2 ft) of inner wire with trumpet nipple soldered at 1 end. The other ends of the inner and outer to be cut and finished as required. The inner wire is 2mm dia and the outer 7mm dia. The standard outer colour is black. To finish the cable it is necessary to be able to cut the outer and solder the required nipple to the inner cable.
Kit includes:
1.6m - P19/2 WITH TN24, 1.4m - LB3TS/BLK, 2x F103, 2x F101, 1x F115, 1x A26B, 1x LN250B, 1x A31/137U, 1x LN31U, 1x RB7M20A, 1x M6902B, 1x M5931, 1x TN24, 1x TN6, 1x BA6, 1x BN1010L, 1x BN1013L, 1x BN1015L & 1x HK316
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Genuine high quality Venhill 'Featherlight' clutch cable including galvanised steel inner wire and PFTE (Teflon) liner for super low friction smooth operation.



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