Custom Cables

How much will it cost?

Guide prices for custom made bespoke cables are shown below:

Cable Type Motorcycle -  Standard Conduit Motorcycle -  Braided Conduit Other Vehicle - Standard Conduit
Standard Clutch/Brake *
Large Clutch/Brake †
(Heavy Duty Harley Davidson, etc)
Single Choke/Throttle
(or Powervalve Single)
Push/Pull Throttle
(or Twin Pull/Powervalve x2)
Cables with J/Box
(2 to 1) or (3 to 1)
Speedo/Tacho Cable
Twist grip Conversion
Twist grip price + cable(s)
Additional Labour
$85.00 / hour
  • Minimum charge (repairs to existing cable) - $40
  • Clutch or Brake cables that include a switch are charged with the additional cost of the switch - Typically $40
  • Replacement inner wire for any cable is price listed above - Minus 50%
  • * Using standard conduit 7mm o.d
  • † Using heavy duty conduit 9mm o.d
What's the turnaround time?
  • Estimated production time for a custom cable once the design is finalized is 2 weeks*
  • Total turnaround time for a given custom cable project depends on whether the design is finalized based on a drawing or based on a physical example that must be copied or repaired
  • A drawing is typically shared electronically, which is faster compared to shipping a physical example
  • Total turnaround time must take into account the time required to develop and finalize the cable design

* Please bear in mind standard production takes priority over custom production.

How do I get a custom cable made?
  • Please Contact Us to begin the process of supplying a custom cable. We will gladly discuss your project and determine the best way to proceed.

If we determine that an example will be required in order to finalize the cable design, we recommend using a shipping method offering tracking and insurance. Venhill will not be held responsible for cables that are lost in shipping.

Please note:

  • Shipping costs for shipping completed custom cables and/or returning cable examples must be paid by the customer.
  • The above are ESTIMATED PRICES and they can vary.
  • Exup / Powervalve cables will use solderless nipples at the exhaust end of the cable.
  • We do not re-plate or refurbish fittings. We are not equipped for parts restoration. If we have to use your original fittings for parts, you can request that we send the fittings back to you so you can have them plated or cleaned prior to use.

If you have any additional questions please Contact Us