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Why Venhill Brake Lines are Better

The ideal brake system would not use any hoses, but would use only solid metal pipe. That type of system would have zero expansion, which would transmit lever input immediately to the brake equipment. But as soon as the suspension moved, you'd have a bad situation. So brake systems on vehicles with suspensions must use flexible hose. The key to maximum performance is to use hose that behaves essentially like flexible pipe. That's why high performance brake systems use metal braided hose rather than rubber. The best brake systems use a metal braided hose built to balance expansion resistance and flexibility. Venhill hoses do just that.

Venhill's hose core is authentic DuPont® Teflon® which is more expensive than generic "PTFE" but is stronger with a smoother inner bore. This is surrounded by 96 strands of braided marine grade stainless wire. The 96 strands is more dense than some other braided line brands and the marine grade alloy is a stronger metal, which means minimal expansion. Finally, we coat the braid with a UV-resistant PVC, extruded on during manufacture. This protects the hose as well as body and paint work.

Venhill hoses are finished on each end with solid stainless steel swivels, which allow the hoses to be routed without any forced twist and make installation much easier than even those hoses with adjustable banjos. Rather than having to remove the hoses to adjust banjos, our banjos simply "float" until you snug the hose end swivels, which lock them into place. And before you doubt the integrity of the threaded hose ends, keep in mind that every flared fitting on an automotive brake system is essentially the same design, two metal ends held together by a threaded swivel.

Every Venhill hose is made to lab certified DOT and TÜV specs. Yes, we submitted an example hose for lab testing and received official TÜV certification, which automatically qualifies us for DOT certification. Some other suppliers require you to special request DOT spec hoses, sometimes for an extra fee. Not Venhill.

Our banjos and bolts are Venhill specific solid steel fittings, available in coated mild steel or solid stainless steel.

We think you'll find our attention to materials and construction make for a superior product that performs second to none.